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Helping Auctioneers Navigate South Dakota v Wayfair


Many auctioneers have come to realize the recent Supreme Court decision on South Dakota v Wayfair has created an incredible burden related to tax collection when selling to buyers located in a different state from the auction. The Court has ruled that states are... South Dakota v Wayfair and the Auction Industry


A paradigm shift occurred in the auction industry last regarding sales tax and how it is applied by auctioneers.  The South Dakota v Wayfair decision will have a substantial impact for companies who sell items across state lines.  For example in Oklahoma legislation... South Dakota Supreme Court Decision May Have Big Impact on Auctioneers


This April the Supreme Court of the United States will hear the case of “South Dakota vs. Wayfair.” The decision expected in June could have a crushing impact on the auction industry. At the heart of the case is the ability for a tax authority to collect tax from... Tips for Ditching the Keyboard and Dictating Your Catalog Instead


Vocal dictation can be a powerful cataloging tool in the auctioneer’s arsenal if used correctly. Why? Speaking instead of typing will allow you to catalog faster. This means your assets can hit the market sooner, and for a longer period of time. As a result, you... Using Lot Builder to Make Consistent Descriptions


One of the main reasons that the founders of Wavebid created the Wavebid system is that they were desperately looking for a technology solution which streamlined and simplified the management of auctions. We get it – auctions are an incredibly complicated...

Online Auctions with Wavebid

Wavebid is used by a variety of auctioneers and for all types of auctions; live, online, and simulcast. In this blog we wanted to take a look at how our tools work for auctioneers who do online-only sales.   The Proposal Wavebid’s Proposal Builder tool allows an... How To Simulcast with Wavebid

How To Simulcast with Wavebid

Wavebid is used by many auctioneers in many different ways. Sometimes it is for a strictly live sale, sometimes an online sale, and sometimes both. Today we wanted to put a spotlight on a few  of the features we have built to make simulcast auctions go as smoothly as... Airplanes and Auction Software

Airplanes and Auction Software

I’d definitely say that working in the auction industry comes with a few perks. One of those is the opportunity to travel all over the country. Whether I am going to a convention, or a client’s auction, I am often on the go. It is absolutely necessary for me to... 可以用什么梯子


As a company, we have two main passions here at Wavebid: technology, and using technology to support people in the auction industry. Hey, it might be a fairly specific passion, but it’s what keeps us going. Those dual passions are what led us to creating Appraisal... 现在可以用的梯子

Come See us at #NAACS17!

  We are super excited for the Conference and Show next week in Columbus, Ohio! This is the time of year when we get to show off our latest tools, chat with old friends, and make new ones. We want to see everyone stop by the Wavebid booth because we are proud of...